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Brauron is an early sanctuary site on the east coast of Attica.


  • THE SANCTUARY OF ARTEMIS: is an early sacred site near the Aegean Sea in a small inlet. The cult of Artemis Brauronia connected the coastal sanctuary at Brauron with another sanctuary on the acropolis in Athens, the Brauroneion, from which there was a procession every four years during the Arkteia festival. The sanctuary contained a small temple of Artemis, a unique stone bridge, cave shrines, a sacred spring, and a pi-shaped (Π) stoa that included dining rooms for ritual feasting. The unfortified site continued in use until tensions between Athens and the Macedonians the 3rd century BC which caused it to be abandoned. After that time, no archaeologically significant activity occurred at the site until the erection of a small church in the 15th century. Votive dedications at the sanctuary include a number of statues of young children of both sexes, as well as many items pertaining to feminine life, such as jewelry boxes and mirrors. Large numbers of miniature kraters have been recovered from the site, many depicting young girls — either nude or clothed — racing or dancing.
  • THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: contains an extensive and important collection of finds from the site throughout its period of use.

    Brauron, Mesogea, T.K. 19003, Markopoulo (Prefecture of Attiki)
    : +30 22990 27020
    Ticket: Full: €3, Reduced: €2
    Open: Winter: From the 1st of November until the 31 of March: 8:30-15:00