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Formerly the home of the celebrated archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Athens.

The building, built in 1879, is surrounded by a garden embracing its three sides. Its ground plan has an almost quadrangle outline of 23x25 meters and a twin monumental staircase on the northern side. The facade is decorated from down to two-stories upwards by rows of Ionian style columns. The interior has been affluently garnished by "Pompeian" wall paintings and other decorative wall and ceiling illustrations. The building is a representative sample of the mature Greek Neoclassicism and was once the most luxurious private edifice of Athens.

In 1927 it was purchased by the Greek State and housed the Supreme Court. Now, it houses the Nomismatic Museum. It stands at the upper end of Panepistimiou street. On the same street a little further down, are the neoclassical buildings of the Academy, the University and the National Library.