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Metsovo is a town in Epirus on the mountains of Pindus, between Ioannina and Meteora.

The town is famous for its local cheeses and winemaking industries, including the Katogi vineyard of the Averoff family. A museum named Averoff Gallery is dedicated to Georgios Averoff. Metsovo is also a popular winter vacation destination and a ski resort. The Metsovo Ski Centre is situated not far from the centre of Metsovo.

During the Second World War Metsovo was the capital of the Principality of Pindus.

In the 1980s, a tunnel was under construction and was the longest in Greece. It alleviated traffic and does not use twisting roads. In 2006, the connection with Via Egnatia made the section of Ioannina - Trikala into a superhighway.