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Epidaurus was a small city in ancient Greece, at the Saronic Gulf. The modern town Epidavros, part of the prefecture of Argolis, was built near the ancient site.


  • THE ASCLEPIEION: was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world, the place where ill people went in the hope of being cured. To find out the right cure for their ailments, they spent a night in the enkoimitiria, a big sleeping hall. In their dreams, the god himself would advise them what they had to do to regain their health. Found in the sanctuary, there was a guest house for 160 guestrooms. There are also mineral springs in the vicinity which may have been used in healing.
  • THE THEATER: The prosperity brought by the Asklepieion enabled Epidaurus to construct civic monuments too. The huge theater that delighted Pausanias for its symmetry and beauty, the ceremonial Hestiatoreion, baths and a palaestra. The theater was designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC. The original 34 rows were extended in Roman times by another 21 rows. As is usual for Greek theaters (and as opposed to Roman ones), the view on a lush landscape behind the skene is an integral part of the theater itself and is not to be obscured. It seats up to 15,000 people. The theater, which is the most famous and best preserved of all the ancient theatres in Greece, is marveled for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken word from the proscenium or skene to all 15,000 spectators, regardless of their seating. Famously, tour guides have their groups scattered in the stands and show them how they can easily hear the sound of a match struck at center-stage.


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The Asclepieion

The Theater of Epidaurus