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Koroni is a municipality in Messenia. The town of Koroni (pop. 1,668) sits on the southwest peninsula of the Peloponnese on the Gulf of Messinia in southern Greece 45 minutes southwest of Kalamata. The town is nestled on a hill below an impressive Venetian castle and reaches to the edge of the gulf.


The town was founded in ancient times.The Greek Pausanias (geographer) in his book "Messiniaka" reports the original location of koroni at today's Petalidi a town a few kilometers north of Koroni. He also reports many temples of Greek gods and a copper statue of Zeus. In the centuries that followed due to reorderings the town of Koroni moved to its current location where the ancient town of Asini once stood. In the 6th and 7th centuries AD, the Byzantines built there a fortress. In 1206, the Venetians occupied it, turning Koroni into an important stage of their sea routes towards the Eastern Mediterranean. The fortress and town were captured by the Ottoman troops of Sultan Bayezid II in 1500. Apart from a short period under Habsburg Empire rule in the Siege of Coron in 1532-1534, as well as a short return to Venetian rule (1686-1715) after the Morean War, they remained under the control of the Ottoman Empire until becoming part of the modern Greek state in 1828 when it was liberated by the French General Nicolas Joseph Maison.