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In order to book a PRIVATE tour or transfer please visit our Secure Server Reservation (SSL) page at and fill in the reservation form. In the field named "comments" please state clearly the service(s) that you will require along with the quoted price(s). No deposit is required. Your details will be used for the purpose of your reservation only and you can pay in cash (Euros) at the end of the service.

This is a policy that we have created in order to avoid the "non show up" phenomenon because many times in the past we were waiting for hours at the airport or the port and the clients did not finally show up.

Once you submit your credit card information you will receive a confirmation E-mail with details. Reservations made during the week will in normal circumstances be confirmed within 24 hours. Confirmation of reservations made during weekends or public holidays, may however take slightly longer. If for any reason you do not receive notification please contact us.